A wedding planner is here to help you and make your wedding preparations stress free and enjoyable I do not do specific packages but I can take of everything from A to Z. I can help you find the ideal location in Switzerland or abroad as well as help you
find the right service providers who meet your needs – for me, these are the real challenges that motivate me and that I am passionate about. And finally, when we arrive to D day,

Why a Wedding Planner?

It’s true that to do all the research and planning take a lot of time, and this can be difficult when one works.
This is primarily the reason why a wedding planner exists. It is like you taking care of the preparations but it’s me that manages all the unforeseen problems, that does the research, who asks the questions – with a professional touch – which just might be what young couples need.

First Step :

I invite you to call me so we can meet. It is important that the wedding planner and the future couple get along very well as we will be collaborating for some time. And since I would be taking care of the most beautiful day of your life, it is important that we move forward in the same direction. Following the first contact, you can advise me which direction you would like to go, if you already have a theme in mind, or a location, etc… Following that, we will of course talk about the budget.